Why Not Me?

It has been several months since I shut down The Memoir of Narrow Escape, and a new idea happily revealed itself to me when I least expected it. I really should have come up with this idea before, but it took one of the random accounts that I follow on twitter to finally inspire me to action. As a former (and future?) geography teacher, I am interested in location and region (and the other three themes, too), so I follow geographers on twitter. One of the geographers I follow and retweet with wild abandon posted a project called the Dwelling Project, featuring a photo album. I got all excited and wondered, “How can I contribute to this project with information about my hometown in Northwest Indiana?” Well…I couldn’t. It’s an individual and/or closed project. So I decided to re-launch my blogging career by starting a little Dwelling Project of my own: a personal exploration of where I am and wherever I go. This is different from a professional geographer’s blog, because it is primarily for myself, my families, and of course the students of the future as they mine through infinite amounts of input in search of just the right evidence to support their thesis statements. As usual, my blog will combine my own ranting with a scrapbook-type archive of found objects that illustrate whatever point I am trying to make. For today, an image published recently in the Northwest Indiana Times. Look for more intel from the Hoosier state, coming soon to a post near you. 



3 thoughts on “Why Not Me?

  1. That is awesome! I am glad you felt like speaking up 🙂 I am actually looking for ways to have people to contribute to the dwelling project- could you tell me more about what you’d like to share about your hometown, and how? I hope we can collaborate, can’t wait to read more!

    1. I think I was expecting something along the lines of a National Geographic “Your Shot” situation, where readers were invited to contribute 4 or 5 photos of “their”place. So…I haven’t thought much further than that. In the meantime, I will look for opportunities to contribute to the projects of others. Thanks for the inspiration!

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