The Problem of Sustainability

I’m taking a MOOC (which stands for “Massive Open Online Course,” basically a free online class attended by 5 million students. How’s that for places and spaces?) called “The Age of Sustainable Development.” I passed the final exam, but then an extra week of work popped up. So, while I listen to this week’s video introduction to the topic of biodiversity, I will post on this new blog in order to keep it


It is the School City’s spring break, so I also have time to draft a few posts this week. 

Today’s topic is trains, that lovely vestige of human-environment interaction and movement so prolific here in my region. 

I’ve been trying to publish photos of trains for many years, since Indiana’s official state slogan was, “Crossroads of America.” 

Back when Oregionality was only an idea, its editors called for submissions. I sent in a lovingly-taken portrait of the back of a curly head as the pedestrian waited patiently with his backpack slung over one shoulder for a train to pass. My photo was rejected, and the book ended up filled with idyllic images of our dune-peppered lakeshore and the native flowers to be found there. I was angry, and I still don’t own the book. 

Now I have a new exhibition space. It’s called Instagram. I am OriginalGeoTrix on Instagram just like I am everywhere else, and while the people I follow are busy posting gorgeous photos of their gorgeous selves or gorgeous babies, I am occupied with posting pictures of the trains that delay my path to the middle school on a weekly basis. 

I’ll share one below. 


In the words of Mini Lincoln…”WHOA.”

The Northwest Indiana Times also has a nice article about the train traffic here


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