The Indiana Welcome Center

It could be named so many different things, maybe something including the words “South Shore,” since it is home to the South Shore Convention and Visitor’s Authority. In fact it should be named something else, because as a resident of Lake County, I don’t find the prolific brochures and promotional items for every county EXCEPT Lake very welcoming.

My dad and I went to the Welcome Center to determine whether or not we had already seen the exhibit displayed until the end of this month about the Civil War in the Region. It turns out we had already seen it, but we hadn’t seen the only exhibit in the building dedicated to Lake County: a child abuse prevention project that asked middle and high school students to decorate chairs in a way that represents love and nurturing to children. Visitors are invited to vote for up to three of their favorite chairs via a complicated touch-screen that the welcome center employees will gladly explain to you if you care to ask.

Below is an image of some of the chairs.


After casting our votes, we proceeded to review the information about Indiana’s Bloody Ninth and their heroic deeds at the Battles of Shiloh (I must link my cousin’s band no matter what, even though I don’t even know whether they’re using the bandcamp anymore), Stone’s River, Chatanooga, etc.

The Welcome Center employee corralled me toward the visitor survey. While I was taking the survey would have been a good time to ask him about the lack of consumables about our county, but I let the opportunity slip past without a word. Maybe next time I will be bolder. In the meantime, I am off to my next bit of blog fodder: the Hammond job fair.


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