More Photos of Trains

in “da Region” of Northwest Indiana, for your enjoyment. This time, my objective was to show how close the kids get to the train. On this occasion, being caught by the train made me burst into tears because it forced me to miss Final Jeopardy. When there is an international trip at stake, missing Final Jeopardy is like a national emergency. (I also tweet the Travelocity Gnome every day hoping he’ll give me a trip, but that hasn’t happened YET.) Luckily, my dad wrote down the category for me. I was also cheered when the cops came and ran the kids off. Heheh.




I’m editing this post on 4/26/14 to post another “Movement/HEI” photo of a different set of tracks in another part of town.



One thought on “More Photos of Trains

  1. the American Flag reflection in the background of the second photo makes a great backdrop for the train. I like this one best of the three.

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