I notice that in these 1’s and 0’s, I have shown a lot of industry that precipitates MOVEMENT in the form of transportation across what used to be known as the “Crossroads of America.” (Now our state slogan is the extra-lame saying, “Honest to goodness.” What? I haven’t mentioned yet that we also have a natural wonder very nearby this hometown of mine, in the form of sand dunes formed by the ancient grinding of the glaciers that formed our Great Lakes. 

During one of the phenomenal weekends of May, I had the opportunity to visit Warren Dunes in Michigan with a good friend. Upon my insistence, we trudged up a high sand dune and felt a great sense of accomplishment. Sadly, my friend also felt a muscle tear in her leg, which might be a permanent injury. 

Since she is in Vegas right now visiting our old stomping grounds, I will commemorate our trip, her injury, my jealousy of her visit to one of America’s interesting places, by posting photos from the Warren Dunes here. 


The forecast had a little lightning bolt, so we opted to stay in this glorious little cabin instead of setting up a tent in the dark and in the rain. 


The big face concentrating on finding the camera lens is yours truly.


Visitors are encouraged to use the trails in order to protect the native grasses, shown here. 


This was one of the views with which we were rewarded when we reached the top of the dune. 

Below, evidence of human interaction with the BUILT environment. 



Rock on, indeed. 

The Indiana Dunes State Park presents the Dunes from another angle. 

This summer, they are introducing the 3 Dune Challenge. I would like to attempt the 3 Dune Challenge, but I will have to find the proper occasion to do so. 


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