Hoosier to Husker*

When I began Places and Spaces last year, I was smart in that I anticipated it would be about “wherever I go.” The question of my location was up in the air at the time, but now it has landed, and it has landed in rural northwestern Nebraska. 

I plan to be here for a little while, and I’m making inquiries into things like how to get a Nebraska driver’s license and auto insurance, how to get a library card, and when to begin making the professional contacts necessary to succeed at my new position for a company seated on the college campus two minutes away from my lovely and empty garden apartment. 

My bff Jodi, who has accompanied me on so many of life’s adventures and transitions, had this to say: “Out here in the west, there is a ‘we’re-all-in-this-together mentality.'” We concluded that there has to be a mentality like that, because the towns are so small and remote that people have to rely on one another. 

To underline the smallness and remoteness, I will post a photo of the airport below. 

chadron municipal airport

Consider this ad from the local “swap shop:”

“Lots of free apples, already picked. Located in cart in front yard. Bring bags and help yourself.”

And to think I just bought apples at the Safeway yesterday. No wonder the checkout girl looked at me like a deer in the headlights!

This new rural life is going to take some getting used to. In the meantime, I have these pages on which to collect my thoughts. 

Happy exploring!

*It is the author’s wish that readers NOT become Huskers fans, as the author is in no way associated with the Huskers. She is, however, a Hoosier at heart and supports the athletic and academic programs provided at Indiana University.


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