The Scenery of South Dakota

Very little can compare to How to Identify a Good Carcass, so bear with me, here.

This past week in my tiny ESL class, we were discussing place. Specifically, Route 66. Teaching a foreign student about Route 66 can be very painful, because no matter how passionately I might try to convey it, it’s unlikely that the student will understand how important it is.

I am also designing an independent study lesson about Sense of Place.

Both of these things reminded me: I have a blog about place. This post will be a photo essay consisting mostly of places in South Dakota that I visited when my friends came to visit for New Year’s.


This first image is a buffalo spotted at Wind Cave National Park. On New Year’s Eve, we toured the Wind Cave, which is a constant 55 degrees regardless of the outside temperature. (There is a layer of rock above the cave that insulates it.)

buffalo place

Below, the sign at Kidney Springs, in Hot Springs. There is a spigot here from which mineral water flows constantly. We filled our water bottles several times.

kidney springs place

From Kidney Springs, we continued to the unfinished Crazy Horse monument. Inside the visitor’s center, you can see the vision for the finished product, with the real monument in the background. It is possible to take away a free piece of the Crazy Horse rock. Ask your tour guide for directions, or just look around.

crazy horse place

Last but not least, we have the other four kings of western South Dakota:

snowy Rushmore place

I look forward to visiting them again sometime, when there isn’t snow.

Back in Nebraska, the thoroughly-closed-for-the-season Museum of the Fur Trade is home to a geocache! Notice my footprints in the snow next to the historical marker, leading me to the find.

bordeaux place

Right here within Chadron town (city? surely not) limits, on the CSC campus, the Sandoz Center is covered with snow.

snowy Sandoz place

This post has been good practice for the online writing-and-photography class I am starting this week, called “The Geography of Now.” Perhaps the instructor will allow us to post some of our assignment results on our personal blogs.

In the meantime, the inspirational quote drawn on the chalkboard at the Bean Broker in downtown Chadron becomes our final thought for the day.

broker sign place


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