Trophies and Highballs

Greetings, loyal fans.

I meant to keep you posted, but by now you’ve missed the Panhandle Trophy Hunter contest. I’m sorry. You can no longer win. The winner will be revealed tomorrow. You can see the photos, which are not suitable for sensitive viewers, here. You can also see the prize, which kind of made me wish I were a hunter. Then the pictures reminded me I shouldn’t be.

Monna McDiarmid’s Geography of Now class is a fun, no-pressure, you-get-out-what-you-put-in experience, which has yielded, among other things, the following two photographs. The first is a pair of sheds I pass on my pedestrian commute (it looks better on Instragram), and the second is the Mari Sandoz statue out front of the High Plains Heritage Center, with my office building in the background. You have seen Mari recently, from a different angle and snowier.



I thought I would share these quickly since I had a little bit of time in advance of the Cuba Libre presentation at the Bean Broker. Some students are going to talk about their capstone trip to Cuba. That should be a really good time.

In the spirit of exploration, hasta la proxima.


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