This is a contest sponsored by Thomas Cook Travel, one I know I am not qualified to win. Its intersection with my favorite subject of (loosely interpreted) geography cannot be ignored, however, so I am entering it just because it exists.

It requests that bloggers publish photos they’ve taken that they believe best represent the four elements: fire, air, earth, and water.

Challenge accepted! I look at this as a way to share with you four of the prettiest places that I have explored. I’ll start here at home in Chadron, Nebraska at Chadron State Park, with an image of some trees that were killed by the 2006 wildfire.


representing renewal via destruction

fire element

After fire, I present the elements in my favorite order, the order advertised by the celtic Triskell (which I thought from the time I was 17 until shortly after I turned 36 would be my first tattoo, but I was wrong): l’air (air), la terre (earth), et la mer (water, technically “the sea,” but not in this case).


representing liberty and flexibility

Clouds, steam, and ground that looks like clouds.

Yellowstone National Park

alternative air element


representing stability

Court of the Patriarchs

Zion National Park


Finally, WATER

representing persistence and change

Grand Canyon, West Rim

water element

I do not know five photobloggers, but I know ONE, and she has a good shot at the fabulous prizes.

It is with great joy that I toss the torch to Krista over at The Wannabe. 

Good night, and Good Luck.

CORRECTION! How could I forget the lady who inspired the revamp of this very blog? I’ll also sling this contest to Anne-Laure at GeoPickMeUp.


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