Summer Staycation 2015 Stop #10: My Couch (Avoidance)


Today is my momma’s birthday, and if I can’t be at Pierogifest I may as well compose a blog post.

I’m not good at math, but I CAN count to ten. I’ve skipped a bunch of places on Summer Staycation because the next destination (#5) is Fort Robinson, but I have to revisit it to investigate the sum total of its goodness. I meant to do that this weekend, but it was TOO HOT, and so…my couch, to answer the burning question: what’s been going on between Staycation stops?

With no students to attend to, I’ve been eyeball-deep in curriculum from 9ish to 5ish each day. This leaves plenty of time for creative endeavors, like the August Postcard Project. Of course I’m not allowed to post anything from that project until well into the fall, but I received my first poem on Saturday, from the UK.

I learned about this project during Staycation Stop #8: Denver Part One, which I’ll tell you all about at another time.

I also learned about Journal 52, and although I am not an artist, and artists might disagree, everyone is an artist, so…why not? I will be able to post and link back on that material, so you have that to look forward to soon here on Places and Spaces. Much like the NatGeo Your Shot, I’ll only do projects I’m interested in.

Of course I’m doing all these little projects in order to avoid one that’s much bigger and more daunting.

Tuned in to the Procrastination Station, I also watched all available episodes of Orange is the New Black, am on my way to finishing all available episodes of Scandal, and re-watched parts of Supernatural and True Blood. I have watched exactly one movie on my couch, Smoke Signals, a heartwarming tale from the Coeur d’Alene reservation. It came out in 1998 and was recommended by the new curriculum I’m working on.

Look for more news as the summer winds down.


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