Summer Staycation 2015 Stop #8: Denver Workcation Part 1 (Mostly Eating)

I was lucky that over the summer, having no students, I was allowed to go to the company headquarters in Denver to work on curriculum and substitute teach.

I loved Denver way more than is implied by the grand total of five photos I took while I was there.

My accommodation consisted of this bedroom.

denver bedroom

The room is owned by Anne, an artist who will custom paint you a map of anyplace you’d like. Check out her website at Summit Ridge Studio. Anne is all about self-improvement and the new economy and getting out of the rat race and all of that good stuff. My favorite experience staying with her was being taken out to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant called Axum, on Colfax, the longest avenue in the U.S.

In fact, my favorite experience staying in Denver that first week was eating. Anne might want to leave the rat race, but I’m kind of glad for it right now, so mostly while in Denver, I worked, and I ate. I also shopped a lot that week. I went to Target almost every day. I bought a lot of shampoo. There’s a Starbuck’s in the Target.

We don’t have Starbuck’s here in Chadron. There’s a lot that we don’t have. I was in the fortunate position of having my coworkers buy me lunch each day too, so I got to eat at Native Foods cafe, The Kitchen Next Door, Thai Pan, and of course Pizza Friday at Whole Foods like I’m totally rich! So much good food.

The other thing that struck me that first week was driving on Colorado Blvd., one of the more congested streets in Denver, and for the next few weeks yet, the home of the Denver language school where I was working. I was lucky in that the place I was staying was not far from Colorado Blvd., but it was five miles north. So I re-learned how to commute for a week, and I reveled in the fact that I could still do it, with a minimum of road rage and at a reasonable speed.

Weekends are one of the best parts of work, and my first week in Denver was no exception. I spent Saturday in Boulder, and from the look of it I slipped in just prior to the tolls going active on I-25. I attended a Landscape and Imagination journalling workshop. I was outside my demographic, but I want to learn about classes like these, because I think that I could someday lead them. Even though my assistant Ethan insists there’s no niche around here, another person at the college said that Hot Springs, SD might provide a market, and I’m hoping that she’s right.

The workshop was strange, and I’m glad to know I have about another 15 years to decide whether to become a journalling facilitator. In the meantime, I took this selfie with what I can only assume is a therapy gorilla.

therapy gorilla

Then the funniest thing happened. My BFF called and suggested that I return to Denver the following weekend. When I mentioned this to my boss, she said, “Don’t leave.” That’s how Summer Staycation Stop: Denver Workcation Part 2 happened.

You get to read all about that in a future post.


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