Through the Windshield: Chadron

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Through the Window.” For completion of #Blogging101 Day 11 assignment, although…

…if you’re reading this and you haven’t read Sioux Falls yet, read Sioux Falls. It should have stayed front and center for longer than it did.


I love writing prompts. I wish that I could charge people money to provide them with writing prompts. In fact, I know that this is possible because I have personally paid people for writing prompts, both online and in book form. Apparently, wordpress writing prompts are free. This one read, “Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.”


A yellow VW bug is headed east on 10th Street past a sign that says “Chartran Estates: Custom Homes/Town Houses/Public Reserve/Homeowner’s Association.” That sign has been in the field across the street south of the intersection for an entire year, and I have never seen any evidence of development. Nor have I seen any town houses around here, although I do know of some condos. An internet search reveals 92,300 results, none of which are a website for Chartran Estates. Wait, what’s this? There’s a PDF of city council meeting minutes from September 2007, when my friend Joy was in charge of the Chamber of Commerce. No mention of Chartran Estates is made anywhere in the PDF, at least as far as I can tell after several minutes of intense scanning. I really should attend city council meetings.


I assumed that the space had been abandoned but still owned by the developer; however, each day last week a new piece of farm equipment appeared, then several neatly rolled bales of hay. Finally, all of the hay and the equipment disappeared as suddenly and mysteriously as it came. Although prior to last week I saw no activity at all except the ramblings of some feral cats, I now suppose that someone else owns and works this particular land.


A man and a boy in a bright blue shirt emerge from between the trees, which are planted about 30 feet apart to mark the edge of Wilson Park just west of my parking spot. They retreat into the house two doors down from me, and then the man emerges with a girl a little older than the boy. She is wearing white tights under a pair of denim shorts and a zipper sweatshirt. She is carrying a pink duffel bag. They get into the car and drive away just ahead of three pickup trucks that pass me by.


The F250, Dodge 4×4, and Chevy (what’s a Chevy pickup truck, I didn’t catch it…Silverado?) all turn on 10th street, east and west.


The sky today is the same color as the sidewalk, which is odd, but maybe not during this time of year. It acts like it will rain, but it won’t. I like overcast days like today – imho they make the trees a brighter green.


This is where I live, as seen through the windshield.

through the windshield


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