Autumn Staycations 1&2: Custer, SD and environs and selfies

Tomorrow, there will be another Volksmarch at Crazy Horse, and due to my tennis injury, I’ll have to miss it. 😦

Good thing I went to Custer a few weeks ago to see one of the night blasts in celebration of Alex’s 13th birthday. We noticed that the two events coincided when we visited Crazy Horse at New Year’s, here we are:

new years at crazy horse

I checked into the Best Western and headed for the memorial. I parked my car and wondered why I couldn’t just watch the blast from there, when I met an older gentleman from Idaho. He noticed I was from Nebraska and expressed his sympathy for “my team”‘s loss. Of course he wouldn’t know that I don’t follow football, especially not the Huskers. Lucky for me, I knew what he was talking about thanks entirely to Scott Boivie’s twitter feed. Changing the subject, I said, “Looks like a pretty good view from…right here!” He mentioned that his family was going to go get snacks and come back to their car closer to time for the blast. So…

that’s what I did, too. You can see my grainy selfie waiting for the night blast on Instagram (I’m trying to deep link, we’ll see if it works.)

A Native American Indian musician was playing on the covered porch, and outside a young woman was leading the crowd’s children in a hoop dance. After taking it all in, I returned to my car and watched the Legends in Light laser show from the interior, getting out to see the scene that you can hopefully see below.

At first, I thought the sounds of the explosions were drums. No, they were explosions. Not since the implosion of the Stardust in 2007 have I witnessed such a spectacle. It was well worth the trip for the night blast, but I have to be honest and say I wouldn’t make the drive just for the Legends in Light. I was very lucky that 9/6 fell on Labor Day weekend this year. Next year, it will not.

I think the Best Western in Custer is one of my favorite Best Westerns ever. I’ve stayed there twice now, and I’ll be staying there again in the future, I’m sure. After a great night’s sleep, I decided to spend half a day in Hot Springs. I always stop there to fill my water bottles. This time I had breakfast at Amy’s Buen Dia Bakery, where they make a mad berry french toast! (Sorry, the previous Mexican restaurant has moved to Keystone.)

At long last I also finally knocked out the geocache at the Mammoth Site, to the tune of no fewer than six selfies. As you know from a previous post, 385 is also known as the “fossil freeway.” I highly recommend the Mammoth Site.

PicMonkey Mammoth Selfies

Feel free to leave your own tale of watching something explode for fun, or a time when you took yourself to a museum and went crazy with the selfies, in the comments below.


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