A Typical Saturday in Chadron

This post describes last weekend, and its title comes from the writing prompt for next week’s essay for my Level 1 student, who has been studying the possibility of living on Mars. Not to give up too much of our curriculum, but it is based on National Geographic, so here you go:


If you don’t feel like spending five minutes of your life watching, I’ll summarize: After humans destroy the planet we currently live on, it may be possible to ship the survivors to the red planet. All it will take is application of our skill at global warming, domes filled with oxygen under which we can live, and walking around said domes in scuba gear. Or something like that. I love travel, but if you ask me, a study trip to Mars sounds absolutely awful.

So, I am in Chadron.

Last Saturday, the CSC Eagles played their first home football game, against Colorado Mesa.

I sat behind the band on the uncomfortable bleachers in the 90 degree noonday sun to cheer them on. I was alone and I am not a football fan, so I left at halftime. I decided I wanted to go someplace else I hadn’t been before (I’d never attended a CSC football game), and I decided I wanted some pie.

The team was winning when I left, but they ended up being defeated by the Mesa Mavericks 23-13.

I went here, to a store called Pocketful of Rye on Highway 20. If I remember correctly, this store opened as an antique store just before I moved here a year ago. The word on the street is that the owner realized quickly that her business would fail if antiques were her only gig, so she started hocking homemade pie. The business is still hanging on. So the story goes. When I was in the store, I didn’t ask.

Rather than peach or gooseberry, I chose the delightfully seasonal cranapple nut. I brought it home, where I watched the end of the game from the comfort of my couch. The pie was unbelievably delicious. I highly recommend, as you pass through Chadron on your travels up and down the Fossil Freeway, that you stop for a slice and help to keep this little store afloat.

It took the woman who was working quite some time to serve up my pie. I had a chance to look around at the merchandise, much of which is western-themed. In the back, I found these crepe masks, which are marketed as “vintage Halloween masks.” I don’t know how vintage they are, but they resulted in this very creepy selfie, with which I am quite pleased.

Part of my blogging 101 course required joining a challenge of some sort, so I found and chose the Monthly Travels Challenge. This post tried to be mostly about pie in order to get something up for the All You Can Eat challenge (September). Although this post can’t be featured because it violates the post-within-the-month rule, I thought it would be a good way to get started. The October challenge is about reading, so you know I’ll be coming back for that one.

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler. Forgive me, but in my heart I am a Basic Middle-Class Girl. I love everything about fall. Before too more of it slips away, I’m going to pull out my jack-o-lantern.

Stay cozy.

Feel free to write about your favorite pie, or link back to your favorite creeeeepy selfie, in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “A Typical Saturday in Chadron

  1. Now you know good and well that the reason for taking “quite some time” to get the pie was just so you would look around and possibly make a purchase! But you made valuable use of the time and got a great photo op! Good job, keep up the Great work!

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