Until 2020…

Before this weekend drifts away into another work-week, I’d like to go ahead and bring some closure to Yosemite National Park 2015, the Hendrix version.

Leaving Yosemite is never a happy occasion, so waking up and packing and looking around to make sure we’re not leaving any chargers or books or wallets behind, the conversation always heads in a direction that sounds something like,





We retrieved our leftover pizza from our bear locker, stopped at the car to put our stuff in, and then ate the pizza Very Slowly on the porch of the Curry Village guest lounge.

When we finally buckled ourselves into Traveler, Miss Gokey drove out via Tioga Road, which was finally cleared of snow and open for travel. This allowed us to visit some familiar favorite spots on the way out of Yosemite that we had missed on the way in because the road was closed. One such sight was Tenaya Lake. We drove past the wonderous body of water and then decided to stop and use its horrendous pit toilets since we didn’t know how many miles it would be to the next rest stop. We discovered that there is a trail there to Tuolumne Meadows and a campground and shuttle service, but the shuttle only operates whenever Miss Gokey and I are not visiting Yosemite, namely in the summertime. Hopefully we will get the chance to explore the area more fully on a future trip (see the title of the post).

The next place that we like where we stopped was Olmstead Point. Although we only stayed a moment, it is always worth it both for the stretch and to see the back side of Half Dome, which is the photo with which I will soon leave you to contemplate Yosemite.

Between Olmstead Point and the park exit, I tried in vain to take nice devastating photos of some burned trees, not knowing whether they were burned in the August and September wildfires. I suspected they weren’t. I’m not sure where in Yosemite the wildfires were this time. Anyway, here’s a photo of some trees, taken from the passenger side of the car.

burned trees

Just outside the park exit, of course we had to stop and take some photos commemorating that we actually had visited Yosemite. Below I have placed take 1 and take 2 side by side.

PicMonkey Hair Collage

Thank you, PicMonkey.

Miss Gokey and I have resolved to return to Yosemite for Nevada Day 2020. We will see one another, and California, again well before then, and I will document our shenanigans right here for all the world to read.

In the meantime, I leave you with my masterpiece, no…nature’s masterpiece (let’s give credit where credit is due!).

back of half dome

Hasta la proxima.


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