Speaking of Ansel Adams…

We haven’t spoken about Ansel Adams in a month or so, and I think it’s time to bring the famous photographer back into the blogging mix.

I was reminded of him when I took this photo earlier this week when it snowed again in Chadron.

grayscale Chadron

This time, my car didn’t get buried. The worst that happened was the cancellation of a bunch of flights into the Chadron Municipal Airport Barn, so that several (maybe a dozen or so) of the college students were temporarily stranded in Denver. There were rumors that Boutique Air, which flies into our little airport, was going to drop the students in Alliance, NE (home of Carhenge) and make them find their own way home. Here’s a photo from the Carhenge webcam as that conversation was happening.

carhenge in the fog

So, no. All of the students eventually found their way up to Chadron, some in smarter ways than others.

While I was in Indiana for Christmas, one of my first and favorite activities was a trip to The Center for Visual and Performing Arts in Munster, Indiana to see the Ansel Adams exhibit. I have now seen Ansel Adams exhibits in Yosemite, the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, and the Eiteljorg Museum. Each venue has its own unique way of displaying the artwork.

At the Center, the photographs were arranged by theme, starting with the American Southwest, with photographs of New Mexico and Arizona, including the famous portrait of Georgia O’Keefe and Orville Cox in Canyon de Chelly. Next was the surf sequence from California, followed by Wartime in Yosemite. A series of trees was grouped in the “woodland meditations” area. Then clouds, then churches, and finally, my favorite, National Parks. Of course, NO photos were allowed inside the exhibit.

Outside the exhibit, there was a display of Christmas trees decorated by area organizations. My parents and I took advantage of the fact that there was a tree contributed by my middle school, St. Paul’s Lutheran, to take some family photos.

PicMonkey Collage Ansel

Don’t you hate it when bloggers tell you about events you are interested in after they’ve already happened? I do, even though I’m guilty of it sometimes. For now, you still have a few days to road trip to Northwest Indiana with the $3 admission fee in your hand. The exhibit is up until 1/24/2016.

On your way there, or if you miss it because let’s face it, break is over now, you can still stop in Indianapolis at the Indiana State Museum for the vintage arcade. That exhibit, where I went with Jodi, Ace, and Alex, is up until early May of this year. That one will cost you $10 for the arcade only. Here’s my Pole Position selfie. You can’t see the name of the game, but if you’ve played it, you will recognize it. I learned that I am still much better at Pole Position than I ever was at MarioKart.

pole position selfie

What have you learned at museums recently? What exhibits will you recommend to kick off 2016?


One thought on “Speaking of Ansel Adams…

  1. You captured the Ansel Adams Exhibit exquisitely. The tree exhibit was a bonus. Looking forward to the next episode of the blog. Keep up the good work.

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