Chadron State

While I would love to upload solely images from exotic places like California and…well, California, there’s been a lot going on here in Chadron on the campus of Chadron State College. There are also a couple of new things coming to town that will make CSC an interesting place to be as winter finally, hopefully, melts into spring.

For our anchoring image of Chadron State College, I offer Memorial Hall, or “M Hall.”


One fine day, I had my students’ teacher take them to see an exhibit called Doomtown. When the time came to grade their papers, I went over there, too, to see the exhibit created by Doug Waterfield of U Nebraska @ Kearney. Turns out his paintings, which depict America’s Atomic Age, were already displayed at the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, which is a must-see if you haven’t been there. Obviously, I don’t want Professor Waterfield to sue me, but I did take a photo.


Seeing the exhibit and reading the artist’s statement took me back to the good old days when I used to live in a town where, long before I lived there, witnessing atomic tests was marketed as a tourist attraction, and visitors used to have “Bomb Parties” all night while they waited for the pre-dawn blasts. I live in some very interesting places, indeed! Sadly, I think you’ve missed the Waterfield exhibit. A new one, sent to Chadron by the Sheldon Museum of Art on UNL’s campus, will take its place tomorrow. I’ll go see that one, too.

What I’m most excited about, though, is the exhibit coming to the Sandoz Center (you’ve seen enough of my photos of the Sandoz Center with its statues of Mari Sandoz out front – I’ll spare you another one) in March. It’s all about the National Parks (!), and I happened to be in the Sandoz Center just after the crates were unloaded. It’s going to be epic. That’ll be up until May, so plan your Spring Break trips now!

In the meantime, after midterms two things happen to my students, and they are related by what I believe to be a pretty strong causality:

  1. Although they don’t yet have “academic” English, my students have acquired 96% of the vocabulary necessary to communicate in normal conversation.
  2. The students get tired of doing work and yearn to finish the 8-week term.

For these reasons, this term I have invented a post-midterm “descriptive paragraph season.” Each Friday for writing class, we visit a place on or near campus and write descriptive paragraphs about exactly what we experience. Recently, I took the students to the cool math and science building, where there are all sorts of exhibits and even a geology museum that I didn’t know existed! One of the displays (this one is horribly 1980s, but who am I to judge?) is pictured below.

rock What good, really?

What “hidden gems” (heheh) have you recently discovered right there where you are?


One thought on “Chadron State

  1. Marvelous! Sounds like Chadron is filling up with very interesting exhibits! That’s great.
    It’s all about the National Parks – As soon as I saw that, knew you would be visiting there a lot.
    The students with their 96% vocabulary met, sound to be making very good progress. As usual, a wonderful blog.

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