Toadstool Take Two

Last night, I drafted an entire blog post full of photos of Toadstool Geologic Park on my fancy new phone via this fancy WordPress app.

I then attempted to upload the post. To the WRONG blog. I took a free blogging class last January and accidentally hit upload to that blog, to which I am not allowed to post!

Now for the photos. It was Easter Sunday, and following snow last week, the normally dry riverbed contained a trickle of water. The path was also quite muddy. Here’s my footprint to prove it.


Sadly, the very impressive and famous sedimentary toadstools were toppled by a violent storm. The surviving formations are still pretty cool, though.


There I am, and here’s my shadow:


Enough of me. On to the rocks! Or, on the rocks if you prefer. Heheh.




Have I mentioned that Toadstool Geologic Park is down a spine-jarring gravel road outside of Crawford, NE? My unwillingness to drive the road likely makes these the last photos I’ll take of the toadstools. Just a few more…




And last but not least…


I hope you have enjoyed the photos from my fancy phone as much as I enjoyed taking them.


One thought on “Toadstool Take Two

  1. What an amazing view. On the Rocks!!!
    Amazing photography and inspiring writing, always awaiting the next blog……
    Thanks for sharing

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