A few-photo post

And fewer words.

What to do with your students.

1. Take them to a baseball game.

2. Abandon them and run off to Chicagoland for your grandma’s funeral.

That’s a fraction of the quilt collection.
3. Farmer’s market.

4. Go to Moab to get your canteen filled (Conor Oberst reference)

5. See views of your new town from the tower at Museum of the West.

6. Mesa Lakes!

7. Let them cook you dinner and sing to you.

8. Palisade Peach Festival!

And then, believe it or not, they are gone and life goes on. 

GJ Challengers send off

GJ Symphony in the park

And, in parting, I leave you with this unintended selfie.

What do you do with your students?


2 thoughts on “A few-photo post

  1. The amazing tales of Ms Hendrix, the adventures that fill your life are endless. I miss your God given writing talents here but know they will return. Thank you for sharing these with us.

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