Autumn Workcation 2016

Post subtitle: “What rhymes with ‘Provo’?” (You know, after “YOLO in COLO.”) For the life of me, I can’t think of anything. So, the theme is what to do with half a day of free time in Provo, UT.

Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a tiny little conference for the “intermountain” portion of a professional development group. Normally, the “intermountain” region consists of Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho, but I weaseled my way in from Colorado with a stolen presentation proposal. It worked like a charm, and soon enough, the CFO was calling me with a fraud alert from the credit card company due to an Enterprise Nissan Versa rental. Here for your viewing pleasure is the state line, which is at the very beginning of the trip. As usual, Utah: life elevated.

Four hours later, past part of the Wasatch Range and one huge, unbelievably beautiful wind farm, I stopped at the Days Inn in Provo. I was scheduled to give my stolen presentation at 11 a.m. on Friday. The conference would begin at 8:00 a.m., with the first presentations at 9. I left the hotel at 7:30 and made my way, carrying two laptops, to the BYU campus.

As it turns out, the conference was at the edge of campus nearest my hotel. I lugged the laptops a mile back down to the intersection where I’d started and arrived at the registration table around 9:15. Below, you can see the building where the conference was held, on the right, a light pole where a geocache is hidden, and a beautiful little mountain that I’m sure has a name, but I don’t know it.

Here’s the same mountain as seen from the inside of the building. The English Language Center at BYU does a lot of good, scientific action research about their teaching practice, and they have many resources they are willing to share. I learned a lot about reading fluency, Kahoot, Quizlet, and other handy tips that I can use in my class. I also heard a lot of anti-communicative-method rhetoric, and as I am philosophically oriented toward the communicative method, I conclude that I’ll have to spend more time with the intermountain group to understand their way of thinking.

Due to arriving late, I stayed at the conference until the 3pm end time on Saturday. Then I returned to the main campus, bouncing around from geocache to geocache (several of which I couldn’t find, including a letterbox which was particularly disappointing) and going shopping at the BYU Store, which is more like a mall!

On Sunday, I checked out of the Days Inn and took a short walk to Bridal Veil Falls, Utah County version.

I hope to return next year to see more of Provo and find more geocaches.

On my way home to Grand Junction, I couldn’t resist leaving the road to drive the scenic loop at Arches National Park. Look for more photos soon from Colorado National Monument.

Life elevated, indeed.


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