More Autumn Workcation (2 and 3) 2016

Subtitle: Places and Spaces becomes a food blog for one post only.

Why post now? In two days, a historic election will take place, and word on the street is that if the wrong person wins, the Earth will self-destruct. It’s best to get one last post past the censors before the inevitable happens.

Two weeks ago, Proyecta 100,000 v. 2.0 arrived in Grand Junction, giving me the fabulous opportunity to try my hand at not only driving the 15-passenger van, but also at testing the 2016 Dodge Durango.

First, the van. With Kyle the guide in the passenger seat, we aimed again for Utah. After a (mostly) lovely night under the stars playing frisbee and corn hole before munching on dutch oven jambalaya, we headed for Canyonlands National Park. I’d never been there before.

If you can decipher and make the jambalaya in your dutch oven or crock pot, my work of creating a one post food blog is half done.

Kyle admitted that our 1.5 day journey to Canyonlands was “the easiest trip” he’s ever led. I was quite happy about the ease. We started the day around 11 with a 2-mile out and back walk to Grand View Point.

And a selfie to prove I was there:

Warning: food blog moment ahead.

Lunch was a “chicken ceasar wrap” with nothing ceasar about it. Luckily, one of the students brought her host mother’s spicy roasted pumpkin seeds. Best. Pumpkin. Seeds. Ever. Make them. Make me a proud food blogger.

At first, I forgot to talk about our short after lunch walk to Mesa Arch.

The photos from Mesa Arch helped my students nearly sweep the photo contest at this past Friday’s Study CO event. I’ll have to return to Canyonlands, because I tragically misplaced my cancellation stamps.

We got back to Grand Junction and limped through four days of class. Then, on Friday, we headed to Denver for the Study Colorado event at a university. Here is a photo:

The event ended at the art museum, where there is an exhibit of Renaissance masterworks.

I also took a photo of the state capitol after finding a geocache.

Yesterday, we drove through snow in the mountains, but only for about 10 minutes. We pulled off the road because it was many of the students’ first experience seeing snow in real life. Some said it was their favorite experience of the trip.

A couple of hours later, we arrived in Glenwood Springs. If you have taken North America’s most beautiful train journey aboard the California Zephyr, you have ridden through Glenwood Springs. We soaked in the healing waters of The Spa of the Rockies, which has been significantly modernized after first being acquired from the Ute in the late 1800s. Here’s how it looked yesterday:

Our swim brought two back to back workcation weekends to a close. I had a student riding shotgun for the 1.5 hour trip home. He correctly predicted that within 5 minutes, all 6 of the other van passengers would be asleep. It was entertaining to watch their heads bob up and down in unison with the undulations along I 70. My navigator nodded in and out a time or two himself, but he mostly kept me in good music. I started trying to make a playlist on YouTube, but I gave up when there was no “add” option for “I love rock n roll.”

I parked the Durango at enterprise with gratitude in my heart (that thing was big, hard to park, and far too space age for my taste), and Jim brought me home.

If you would like a nanowrimo update, I am 8,000 words behind, which is about 4 days if anyone is keeping track. Luckily, I have some non-working weekends coming up, and I’ll be able to get back on track.

I’m also celebrating my ten-year geocachingversary. I found my very first cache in the stairwell of the Orleans Casino parking garage on November 3, 2006. As of November 10, I will have been a member of the community for a decade. Here’s to many more, and I will leave you with a photo of a log book I signed yesterday.

What songs are on your workcation playlist? How is nanowrimo going? What will be the first two recipes on your food blog?

Until next time.



One thought on “More Autumn Workcation (2 and 3) 2016

  1. Tiffany, you can’t actually call these fabulous weekends work, can you? Instead of self destruct, I say overthrow! As delicious as I’m sure they were, I will have to pass on Jambalaya and the spicy pumpkin seeds. Mesa Arch is beautiful, State Capital is grand. My favorite is the spring of the Rockies. Most beautiful of all is your selfie and marvelous blog. Keep sharing.

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