2016 Year in Review

year2016.jpgWell, I don’t have any specific links, but from Saturday Night Live to John Oliver, it was pretty much agreed that 2016 was a horrible, horrible year. I cannot say as much, however.

Sure, I lost my Mammaw, whom I had known all my life, in the middle of it.

And the end sure sucked, with the election of a misogynist, racist, narcissistic sociopath as the leader of the free world, thus driving the final nail into the coffin of American empire that started getting nailed shut oh I don’t know, quite a while ago, anyway.

I didn’t get my custom holiday postcards sent, and I also didn’t take the items on this post out of the jar-of-good-things to draft this blog post until now, after I have already arrived in Indiana. I poured everything from the jar into a mailing envelope and stuffed it into my suitcase.

If you’re accustomed to receiving a post card from me, you’ll get one in 2017 – ostensibly, better days.

But in 2016, I moved to Colorado, so there’s that. I highly recommend the strategy of moving to Colorado to anyone disillusioned with life. 

So, from the jar, via the mailing envelope and United Airlines flights 4648 and 478, here are the good things from 2016:

Two hotel keys of unknown origin

A green square that says, “Don’t Count the Days, Make the Days Count”

An Arcade Only ticket from the Indiana State Museum

Portola Hotel and Spa at Monterey Bay Area Map

Matchbox from the Sandbar and Grill, Monterey, CA

A fortune that says, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”

A receipt for admission to Box Canyon Falls in Ouray, CO, dated May 29, 2016

three paperclips

Grand Junction Rockies vs. Idaho Falls Chuckers ticket stub from June 24th (Fireworks Night)

City of Grand Junction downtown parking ticket with an expiry time of 2:09 pm on 6/29/16

A sticker from Telluride distillery batch #3

Speaking of distilleries, a receipt for 3 Floyds Brewing Company

The now-defunct paper copy of my Colorado Driver’s License

Receipt from The Bike Shop from when my bicycle showed up

Grand Junction Rockies vs. Great Falls Voyagers ticket stub from July 27th (Mom’s birthday, and Wienerschnitzel $1 Hot Dog Night)

A Food Truck Fridays flyer

An Enstrom Candies box top

James and the Giant Peach ticket stub from Thursday, 9/29

Receipt from MX Tapas Bar and Restaurante

Colorado National Monument cancellation stamp from 10/16/16

Colorado National Monument 1916-2016 NPS Centennial cancellation stamp

one purple spider ring

Where’s everything else? Cancellation stamps from Arches and Canyonlands National Parks should be in there, plus a ticket stub from A Christmas Carol.

So, there was a lot in the jar, and there’s a lot that didn’t make it into the jar.

2016 had its moments.

What were your favorite moments of 2016?



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